(801)滑蛋牛肉飯    (Beef w/ egg sauce on rice)        $6.95

(802)免治牛肉飯    (Mince Beef on rice)                    $6.95 

(803)沙爹牛肉飯     (Beef w/ satay sauce on rice)    $6.95 

(804)生炒牛肉飯     (Mince Beef fried rice)               $6.95

(805)喼汁牛肉飯     (HS Sauce w/ bf on rice)            $6.95

(806)蜜汁叉烧飯      (BBQ Pk w/ sauce on rice)        $6.95

(807)玉米鷄片飯  (Ck w/corn cream sauce on rice) $6.95

(808)滑蛋蝦仁飯  (Shrimp w/ egg sauce on rice)     $7.25

(809) 三鮮燴飯     (Shr, bf, ck w/ cabbage on rice)   $7.25

(810)冬菇豆腐牛肉飯(Bf w/bk mush.&tofu on rice) $8.50

(811)干炒牛河       (Bf Chow Fun in soy sauce)          $8.50

(812)菜肉河粉(鷄.牛.猪)  (Rice noodle w/  $8.50

(813) 廣東炒面     (Cantonese Style Chow Mein)       $8.95

(814) 星洲炒米粉   (Singapore Noodles)                     $8.95

(815) 蝦仁炒面      (Shrimp pan fried noodles)          $8.95

(816) 三鮮炒面    (Hong Kong Style Chow Mein)      $8.95

(817) 捻手炊酱面   (Spicy/sour Pk w/ noodles)        $7.25

(818) 湯面 (鷄.牛.猪) (Ck or bf or pk noodle soup)    $7.25

(819) 湯粉 (鷄.牛.猪) (Ck. bf. pk. rice noodle soup)   $7.25

(820) 湯米粉 (鷄.牛.猪) ( vermicelli soup)   $7.25


*Choice of shrimp is one dollar extra.

*Any hot & spicy can be modified to your taste.

*Some of these dishes need extra time to prepare, please be patient, or call to order in advance.