Two Item Combo Meal 

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM- $6.95

 4:00 PM to Close- $8.95

  (Dinner with Egg roll & 2 Crab puff ) 

Choose any two of the following items:

       Sesame Chicken                               *Kung Pao Chicken

       Teriyaki Chicken                               *Garlic Chicken

       Chicken & Vegetable                         *House Chicken

       Sweet & Sour Chicken                        Orange Chicken

       Sweet & Sour Pork                             Mongolian Beef

       Beef with Broccoli                               Orange Chicken

And includes a side dish of your choice. You may choose from Fried Rice, Steamed Rice or Lo Mein (soft noodles).

 *Any Hot & Spicy dish can be modified to your taste.